We are a small to medium sized kennels catering up to 35

dogs within 16 individual kennels and 2 luxury lodge kennels for dogs is also available. We have kennels varying in size from small to large so we are able to accommodate a mixture of breeds and dogs from the same family. We have a large family sized kennel that is able to accommodate 4-5 dogs. Each kennel is insulated and heated and has its own adjoining covered outside run which are open all day long (unless very damp, wet or severe/extreme cold weather)

We have 2 exercise areas for dogs, a secure and clean concrete based exercise yard that is provided for the dogs and a small grass play area which includes agility equipment, tyre steps and a ball pit (a dog paddling pool is provided here in the warmer months too) . No dogs at Lilac Cottage Kennels are mixed with other's unless they are from the same family and kennel so all exercise is carried out on an individual basis. Dogs are exercised 3-4 times daily.

Dry food (WAGG/ARKWRIGHTS) , Insurance and heating are included in the daily boarding rate. Special diets/owner supplied food can also be fed. Medication can be administered at no extra cost. We will accept diabetic dogs that require insulin injections. If your dog/s have specific health problems please contact us prior to boarding to ascertain that we are happy and knowledgeable to board them as certain conditions can be heightened in a kennel environment and we may feel your pet is not suitable for boarding. 

*** All dogs boarded in our care must be fully inoculated and up to date with their annual boosters, we strongly recommend the kennel cough vaccine (Nobivac KC) although we do not enforce this and it is left to the owners discretion ***